My lifelong loves have always been reading and art.  I followed a path from school to Art Foundation to Graphic Design at Liverpool School of Art, then I worked for over two decades as a designer in both print and screen, also studying an MA in Design & Digital Media. I loved my work but began to really miss the hands on nature of art and design - so when I took a career break to be at home with my daughter it was the perfect opportunity to began something new - so I began experimenting with acrylics. When my daughter began school I was able to begin painting professionally, and had a studio installed in the garden. 


Brought up in Coventry, I have lived in rural West Oxford for nearly 15 years now, with my Academic husband, young daughter, a house rabbit and lots of books! 


The inspiration for my work comes from multiple sources including scripture, literature, landscape and the natural world. My work is process driven, my paintings are developed through multiple layers, addition and subtraction, and are experimental and exploratory, I am drawn to ideas of mystery and meaning, fascinated by surface, texture and depth. 


My painting are always informed by my surroundings and inner life, yet are primarily abstract, leaving the viewer to engage with each painting on multiple levels.


It's an exciting journey to be on and one I feel privileged to share with you.


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