Art & design have been significant parts of my life since my childhood.  Following an art education from school to art college I worked as a Graphic Designer for more than two decades. However, as my work became predominantly screen based and I began to miss the hand-on nature of art making. I began experimenting with acrylics in 2018 and found a natural flow from creating digital graphics and montages into painting.

Mixed media is how I describe my work because although I primarily paint with acrylic I also use inks, collage, pastels, pencils and crayons for mark making. Any tools and techniques may be appropriated. 


My paintings reflect a strong interest in composition, shape, colour and texture; and my inspiration comes from multiple sources including landscape, literary and biblical texts. I enjoy the complex and multifaceted process of art making, finding the organic process of uncertainty in my work through exploration and play liberating. 


Developing painting through layers, addition and subtraction, is an important part of my process. My work is always informed by my surroundings and inner life, yet is primarily abstract, leaving the viewer to engage with each painting on multiple levels.

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